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Real advice is made up of a team of real individuals who simply are all into natural remedies.

We want to share some of our recipes and experiences with you through this blog. We are excited to invite individuals and companies to sponsor these blogs. We love yoga and all things natural. One of the keys that we have learned is making sure that you take care of the inside of your body.

So many of us have neglected our bodies for years and are living with the consequences. This blog is dedicated to helping you understand your body so that you can take care of it in a way that encourages better development and a better service from year-old body. We may even pose from time to time on what exercises are helping us. From green tea to Green mother Earth we are individuals who care.

However you have found our sites, we are glad you are here and we hope that you will stay a while. We hope that you’ll find your own Ginger and Green tea mixture and pull up a chair and enjoy the reading that you can find on this blog space.

We also invite you to comment or contact us should you have any thoughts or questions regarding natural remedies or other things that you have experienced that helps you and your own growth and well-being.

You must understand that if you’re on the side that we don’t really believe in Western medicine. Although there is a time and place for everything we are committed to finding ways to avoid having to use those types of things as much as possible. Nevertheless if you have any concerns or questions, we recommend that you do contact a healthcare professional.

You can check out our liabilities and disclaimers page in order to find out exactly what we are willing to commit to on this blog.

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