The Caffeine Dilemma: A Habit Hard to Break

Caffeine Addictions

So let me unveil my soul for just a moment and come clean on a problem that I’ve been experiencing. So the dealio is I love caffeine. Every morning I look forward to my little shot of espresso from my high-end grinding machine that puts out the most fantastic coffee that I feel like I’m just running to the local Starbucks.

You might know that every have it is for me because there are some pay off. So what is the payoff? I had to put my lab coat on and go to investigate what it is. I think it’s pretty simple in my case. The caffeine affects me in a positive manner. I feel a little bit more excited about life and it frees me up to write a lot more since that’s what I do for a living.

So my little cuppa Starbucks coffee is like jet fuel. Once it hits my veins all of a sudden the afterburners kick in and I’m able to write like Mark twain on Adderall.

Immediately I feel energized to write a ton of information to chop down the latest Paul Bunyan tail in order to communicate what’s going on in the world with others.

So that’s my pay off. It’s my reward. Now, they say the easiest way to get rid of a bad habit is to replace it with a good one. So, a couple of things came to mind. One of which was switching over to different types of tease.

So, I ran down to the local supermarket and stroll down the coffee and tea I’ll. What did I find? I found more tea variations that I could shake a stick at.

Each box was so well adorned with marketing hype that it made me want to buy everything I saw. One was going to cure me of all of my colon issues the other one was going to promise longevity in a lifted spirit.

My particular favorite ones are the ones that feel kind of Eastern. You know what I mean? They seem like they are fresh out of the yoga and health magazine that you could pick up at the local be crowned studio.

I mean seriously. I feel healthier just looking at the box. I grab a few even though I know that I already have like four boxes in my cabinet at home. I think that it’ll be the solution. A little Darjeeling in the morning followed by a couple of Taizo mint tea orange and possibly some sweet dreams nighty night tea at night.

I can already clearly see my new health springing forth from a zombie like state. Pretty soon just from drinking this tea I’ll be on the cover of yoga badass magazine.

I get homebrew the 1st cup and it is delicious. The only problem was because I boil the water, it was scorching hot!

No worries though a couple of ice cubes brought down the temperature ASAP. I think that’s what makes my espresso shots a lot easier to drink though. The temperature is just right. Can you hear it? Even in this writing I’m still celebrating my little espresso machine.

Maybe there is room in life for a couple of bad habits. I don’t know.

But, as I get older keeping up with my health is a little bit more of a challenge than it used to be. I can’t exactly not mount on rockstar energy drinks and stay hydrated. If I don’t stay hydrated well, my: starts to block. It sucks. This whole getting old thing.

I was kind of thinking that if I drink enough caffeine it would make me go to the bathroom cleanse my colon and I’d kill two birds with one stone. But, the dehydration is more than I can bear at times. There’s not enough Metamucil on earth in order to give me unlocked when I’m been abusing my body. So, I’m going to stick to as much green tea is possible. That is as much green tea as I can tolerate in the meantime.

I should tell you a funny story about my wife who overdosed on the clocks.

But, I’ll leave that for another blog post. Happy health!

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